So why list charities that do not benefit from government?

I’m libertarian. That means I believe in individual choice and responsibility. Charity and compassion should not depend on government.

One legacy of the “progressive” tax system is bureaucrats decide which tax deduction is allowed. I think this was a deliberate attempt so government would determine which causes were worthy and which were not. It stops being about “doing the right thing” and more about making politicos look good.

Tax money is collected by force or under the threat of force. Then politicos and technocrats make choices for “Your Own Good” or for “The Greater Good” that may not apply. Should a Jew be forced to support a Catholic charity? Should an evangelical Christian be forced to support Planned Parenthood? Should a lesbian be forced to support conversion therapy?

I believe that is wrong.

If you choose to give, that is charity. If you are forced to give, that is extortion.

When a charity or non-profit group receives most or all of it's funding from government, it's insulated from it's individual donors. The organization loses local accountability and stops answering to it's own volunteers. Someone “from out of town” calls the shots.

Just law protects. Injust law governs. Good government protects freedom. Government is not moral or ethical. Government officials aren't usually accountable for bad decisions when it invovles giving money away.

Charity is your choice and your responsibility.

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